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Monday, January 23, 2012

Now Showing : Feliks Grzesiczek

1. Explain a little about you
I live in the southern part of the small Polish village near the Czech border, where the general peace and quiet. My Age 42 years.

From my youth when I was over a dozen years I was very sensitive to the beauty of the surrounding world, and a big dreamer. Some people like the crowd and bustle of people, me too. But much more prefer trips in nature and large the vast spaces that often I try to show of my graphics.
Outside graphics, I really like a photography, music, and everything else that beautiful and useful.

2. When do you know the world of design?
With graphics, and more specifically with painting images that began illustration is a long time ago, when I was 20 years old and having in his military service. There he also worked in the workshop and doing graphic banners with inscriptions. But there I developed a little painting pictures. I had very little experience in this.
But over the next many years painting pictures was with me, very rare. Until about 7 years ago I started to learn graphic intensive and since then I really liked it,

3. How do you get inspiration for design?
Inspires me beauty in this world, shrouded in mist, time, light, darkness.
I preferred to go by so mild in the painting, it is because they painters create an atmosphere of around his person, his work shows who they are, what impresses them.
But this is not the rule. Because designers often choose and not very nice scene to paint, just that it is very difficult to do, is a great challenge.

Life in the world is consist of kind and unkind. I think that too much violence in the painting is not good.

It is better to show the world the beauty and positive dreams.

4. What is your current profession? and what products do you produce?
I mostly deals with graphic lettering advertising. I make subtitles for cars, signboards advertising and the creation of various graphic designs for books, posters, banners, CDs, etc.

5. What is your expectation from the design world?
Just as I said: I prefer less violent, more beauty in various forms and styles.

6. What is your dream on next 5 years?
Over the next 5 years I would really, really learn the modern style in a comic graphic. I'm going to practice it more on creating characters in graphics

7. Who is your idol, and why?
I have no permanent idols in some people. Because life is such that as someone deals with a profession, it is missing in another. One has a talent for this, the second in something completely different. Only God can be an idol, man does not.The person impresses me a lot of painters: Kagaya, Craig Mullins, Ryan Church, and many others

Felix on deviantart :

Some of Feliks Arwork :


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