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Friday, January 13, 2012

Some Amazing Photoshop Tutorial (Link)

I hope these link of some tutorials would prove to be useful for you. Check them out!
Click on the title if you want see the tutorial

Egg Planet Fantastic Globe Photo Manipulation
Create a beautiful egg planet fantastic globe photo manipulation with the help of this tutorial.

Photo Manipulate a Surreal Apple Habitat Scene
This awesome tutorial will teach you to manipulate a Photo into Surreal Apple Habitat Scene.
Create a Dark and Surreal Photo Manipulation
Learn creating a beautiful but dark and surreal photo manipulation using photoshop.

Paint Brush in Photoshop
This tutorial will teach you how to create a paint brush in photoshop.

Painting “The Nightmare” in Photoshop
Here is a tutorial in which you would be tought how to create a painting the nightmare.

Make a Fictional Arctic Snow Frog
Create a fictional arctic snow frog by utilizing various stock photos and effects.

“Piece of the Artic” Pie Chart Photo Manipulation
This tutorial will teach you how you can create a piece of the artic pie chart photo manipulation.

Milk Monster And Chocolate Splash
Learn to create a milk monster and chocolate splash with the help of this great tutorial

Create a Glass Yellow Tomatoes
This tutorial will teach you how to create a realistic glossy glass tomatoes with liquid in them. You would also be able to add reflections and shadows.
the link that i found this article

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