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Monday, December 5, 2011

Wow! Dahlan Iskan Up KRL Economy Without Guard

Jakarta - Minister of BUMN Dahlan Iskan tested the KRL Economy of New Depok Station. Dahlan deliberately do not use escort while riding KRL which is usually crowded passenger.

"I have information that Mr. Dahlan up KRL Economy of New Depok Station at 8:10 pm," said Chief of Public Relation of PT KAI Daops I Mateta Rizalulhaq to detikcom on Monday (5/12/2012).

Mateta said Dahlan passengers buying tickets as usual. Dahlan was then escorted up the KRL Economy without security guards. According to Mateta said, one of the officers of PT KAI was recognized Dahlan when the train ride. The officer was monitoring the implementation of a circular route that had just applied.

"One of the officers recognized him, but he refused to escort," he continued.

Mateta stated, he was also informed about the existence of Dahlan in the train. He thinks there are some passengers recognized him. "I also known from the passengers," he added.

Mateta claimed not to know exactly which route is taken Dahlan. But according to information, Dahlan's train ride from New Depok Station - Manggarai - Jatinetara - Monday then to Tanah Abang.

"Information is like that, but I do not know where he dropped from the train" said Mateta.

source : detik news


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