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Saturday, December 3, 2011

Wow! Three European Club Interested to Andik

Good game showed by Andik Vermansyah when defending National team (national team) Indonesia at SEA Games event, as well as against the LA Galaxy, this action make his name more and more soared. Reportedly, the three European clubs tried to approached this Persebaya player. One of them is Benfica.

This shocking news delivered Commissioner Persebaya, Saleh Ismail Mukadar. According to Saleh, stated that he has received offers from European teams. But of the various bids that come in, the Galaxy is not include in it.

"All of Europe there are three. Galaxy is not included," said Saleh told, Friday (12/02/2011). Whereas before, the Galaxy coach Bruce Arena said Andik and Greg Nwokolo as two decent players in the team's training reinforced by Landon Donovan.

And, one of the top club that approached Andik is Portugal, Benfica. Appearance Andik make Benfica sporting director, Rui Costa was hooked.At that time, current coach (Divaldo Alves) offer to Andik Persebaya to move to the country of where are Cristiano Ronaldo come from .

But Andik refuse on the grounds of family and language. "This reason used to variety of offers from European clubs that he rejected. Now, he is ready to Benfica or other European clubs. He will select the better price. Can Benfica, could be also another," said Saleh.

Andik who contacted separately claimed was ready to leave Persebaya. Although according to Andik, very hard to leave the team that made his name at a time idol's. "I'll try one season at first, Brother. I will not reject if the contract much different from the Persebaya contract ," said this young man (20 years).


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